Print is a leading provider of hotel coupons and travel deals for the U.S. traveler. A division of the Travel Media Group brand, is dedicated to providing additional revenue and occupancy to hotels. It operates the nation’s leading discount hotel magazines, Florida Travel Saver and the Travel Coupon Guide. With more than 9,700 distribution locations throughout the country, and a reach of more than 27.5 million travelers, offers more exposure to potential guests than any other coupon publication on the market. Through an intuitive Interstate layout and informative maps, follows the traveler along their journey, making it easier for hotels to be found and get chosen, ultimately driving revenue.

Distribution’s print version is distributed at high traffic locations nationwide including places like official state welcome centers, rest areas and travel plazas, and restaurants such as Denny’s, Shoney’s, Shari’s, McDonald’s, Dairy Queen and Carl’s Jr., among many others.


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